Shopping in
Downtown Farmington

Discover urban shopping in historic downtown Farmington

The hub of every community starts with their downtown and Farmington’s Historic Downtown District is no exception. Quaint local shops and an impressive menu of “urban-esque” cuisine and wine from local wineries as well as regional arts & crafts shops, galleries, coffee houses, and boutiques.

Historical buildings are located throughout the Downtown area and now house locally owned and operated businesses. Historic buildings provide tangible links with the history of a community. They reflect the economic and social conditions which were in place when they were new, as well as changes which have occurred over the years. The historic resources in Downtown Farmington are no exception.

The area around the St. Francois County Courthouse continues to function much as it did in the early 20th century, and many of the buildings found there today look and serve as they have for decades.

A strong relationship between the City of Farmington, Farmington Downtown District Authority, Farmington Historical Society, and the Farmington Historic Preservation Commission has been built to maintain the historic charm while still incorporating progressive businesses.

The businesses that line these corridors of the Downtown area have aided in Farmington’s role as a regional shopping hub by providing a variety of products and services that draw in people from all over Francois County and its surrounding areas.