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Family Activities

Renaissance Ranch

Renaissance Ranch

Renaissance Rescue Ranch is located on HWY 0 near Farmington, Missouri. The rescue facility is home to more than 60 retired thoroughbred horses that were injured or not fast enough in their racing careers. While many of the horses are available for adoption, many are here forever. The ones available for adoption make great hunter/jumpers.

Blueberry Farm

Liberty Farms is located in Farmington and is owned and operated by the Torr family. Visitors come from far and wide to pick and eat the delicious berries the farm has to offer. Blueberries and blackberries are locally grown and harvested.

Blueberry / Blackberry Farm
Asymmetric Solutions

Asymmetric Systems

Located on an 1800 acre facility, Asymmetric Solutions offers the highest quality, and most aggressive experience based firearms and tactics training available to the public. It is for everyone from beginners to advanced participants. Corporate Team building and Private Events are also available.

Laser Tag

Have the Best Time Ever with your Family and Friends at Battlefield Laser Tag. Come enjoy a day of laser tag, hanging out with friends, delicious foods, arcade games and even karaoke! You’re sure to have FUN at Battlefield Laser Tag!

Laser Tag
Batting Cages

Batting Cages

Located at 117 West Liberty Street, Liberty Street Cages are team and family oriented indoor batting cages. Liberty offers coaching and training packages as well as drop in cage time. Regulation cage and pitching mound and Softball and Baseball cages are available.

Tiger Sancuary

Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary’s mission is to provide lifelong sanctuary to abused, neglected or unwanted wild cats and inspire change to end the captive wildlife crisis. This is achieved through on and off-site presentations, tours, and education groups all to increase public awareness and inspire a change in the big cat crisis.

Tiger Sanctuary
Bonne Terre Mines

Bonne Terre Mine

Tour the largest fresh water dive resort! Bonne Terre Mine offers a variety of activities for the whole family including boat and walking tours, school group tours, diving in the mines’ vast water system, and much more! This could be your “journey to the center of the world!”

Learn more about the Bonne Terre Mine here: https://www.bonneterremine.com

Space Museum & Grissom Center

Visit the Space Museum and Grissom Center in Bonne Terre to learn all about the wonders of Space. They host a comprehensive artifact collection of over 600 world class artifacts. See a presentation that discusses the artifacts in detail and also the type of thinking that allowed our species to place a human on the moon in a single decade. They declare in vivid detail how the impossible can become the possible and a dream can awaken to reality!

Visit the Space Museum website here: http://www.space-mo.org

Space Museum & Grissom Center
Brickhouse Social

Arcade & Social Hub

Brickhouse Social offers a variety of family friendly activities. Enjoy premium laser tag, ax throwing, arcade games, billiards, ping pong, duck pin bowling, and more! Located just one hour south of St. Louis, Brickhouse Social is just a short drive from Farmington in Leadington, Missouri. Call or book your next party online.

Visit Brickhouse Social’s website here: https://brickhousesocial.com/