Sam A. Baker State Park

With the ancient St. Francois Mountains, the unspoiled natural landscape and the cool waters of the St. Francois River and Big Creek, Sam A. Baker State Park has something for everyone.

A boat launch offers access to the river, and anglers hook bluegill, bass, crappie, sunfish, goggle eye and catfish in the river and creek. Canoeists float the Big Creek in spring and early summer, while the river is a good float year-round. Several miles of hiking, backpacking and equestrian trails provide glimpses of the area as the early settlers found it. To explore the natural and cultural history of the park, visit the park’s visitor/nature center.

Canoe Rental and Lodging

The cabins, dining lodge, store and canoe rental are operated by your concession host, Michael Fleming. Raft, kayak and bicycle rentals are also available. Let Mike or a member of his staff make your visit to Sam A. Baker State Park more enjoyable. For more information about the concession facilities, visit their Web site or call 573-856-4223

Mudlick Trail

Mudlick Trail provides an intimate journey into one of the oldest mountain regions of North America: the St. Francois Mountains. It is a moderate to very strenuous 12-mile loop trail, climbing from 415 feet above sea level in Big Creek Valley to 1,313 feet above sea level at the top of Mudlick Mountain. It is open to hiking, backpacking and equestrian use. Most of the trail is located in the Mudlick Mountain Wild Area, one of the most significant, undisturbed natural landscapes in Missouri.

Shut-Ins Trail

This trail starts on Mudlick Trail and takes visitors gradually uphill through oak and hickory forests. A small stone shelter built by the Civilian Conservation Corps on a scenic bluff offers a spectacular vista of Big Creek canyon. Hikers descend down a series of switchbacks, passing glade openings and rocky canyons. Once at the bottom, hikers can stop off at the Big Creek shut-ins, located only a short distance from the trail. The trail leads through the floodplain of Big Creek along the base of Mudlick Mountain and showcases majestic sweet gums, sycamores and cottonwoods along with the unique yellowwood tree.

At Sam A. Baker State Park, the possibilities are endless and the choice is all yours.
Route 1, Box 113
Patterson, MO 63956
573-856-4223 Lodging/Canoe Rental
573-856-4224 Dining

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