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Farmington Missouri Country Days

Farmington Missouri¬† Country Days is one of the most popular events every year in Missouri. Travelers come from around the state and from across the country for the live shows and special events. This year’s event takes place over May 30, June 1, June 2 and June 3. Visitors to Farmington can see live musical shows, watch the beauty contest and take part in other special events.

The 2012 event will bring four up and coming Nashville acts to Missouri, including Ash Bowers, Route 67, Eric Lee Beddingfield and Jason Sturgeon. Sturgeon’s Time Bomb is rising up the charts, and the other acts have some great songs as well. If you love country music, you will love these artists. With great lyrics and catchy music, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see these acts gaining national fame and attention in the coming years.

If you have a classic car or an antique tractor, make sure that you check out the Country Days Car Show. This event lets visitors and locals show off their favorite vehicles. You do need to make a small donation to take part in the event, but the money raised goes to support a local charity. Even if you do not have a vehicle of your own, you can still stop by and see the vehicles for yourself for free. The prize committee will award prizes to the best vehicles at the show.

Those who prefer pretty girls more than cars will enjoy the Country Days Queen Pageant. The young adult who wins the contest acts as the head of the Country Days celebration. She is the ambassador for the event, she meets with visitors and she is the face of the event. All contestants live in the area and are a junior or senior in high school. The committee awards a winner based on a series of criteria that includes her beauty, poise and answers to specific questions.

The Accent J-98 Country Days Talent Show is another event that you shouldn’t miss. On June 1, a group of 30 adults and children will meet at Long Park for the competition. This event is like the Country Day’s answer to American Idol. The judges will narrow down the competition, and the winners compete again on June 2 for a chance to take home the title. All the singers perform songs from the hottest country music superstars, including Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and George Strait.

Country Days is an event appropriate for the whole family. Little Caesar’s Moonlight Bike Ride is just one event that you can enjoy with your family. The festival added this event in 1988, and it remained popular with visitors to the festival ever since. The ride starts at 11 on Friday night, and those who take place have a chance to win certain prizes. The Little Miss & Master contest is another event popular with families. The event is open to children who are 4 or 5 years old, and the contest awards a grand prize for the top boy and girl in the contest. The winners earn the title of Little Miss and Little Master of Country Days. This year, make sure that you don’t miss the great food, rides, excitement and adventure of the Farmington Country Days celebration in Missouri.

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