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Engler Park

Photo by Heather D. Nagel - Engler ParkLocated in Farmington, Missouri, Engler Park is a long stretch of lush, verdant land that possesses wonderful sights for the whole family. It was originally built as a plot of greened land that possessed a stretch of water which functioned as an angler’s park. Engler Park also functions as a great playground for young children and teens. The park is complete with two playground areas, a three-mile bike trail, several basketball courts and a one mile nature hike trail.

Only fairly recently, a joint effort between Gateway Disc Sports and the city of Farmington developed Engler Park’s piece-de-resistance, an 18 hole disc golf course that is perfect fun for the whole family. Engler Park is not only limited to the activities that it can offer for both young people and adults; as it is also a great place to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Engler Park is conveniently located along the Farmington Airport, allowing for a large open parking area that can easily accommodate many vehicles.

The location of Farmington Engler Park even holds some historical tidbits for people who are fond of history. During the early 1800s, the railroad bed that the Farmington Airport, and subsequently, Engler Park, now rests was once an integral route used by many lead transporting Lorries and trains to supply goods to the smelters nearby. Engler Park is a wonderful place to find serenity and relaxation amid the turmoil of daily life, as its entertainment fair veers from the sporty to the serene.

If you’re a fishing enthusiasts then you’ll enjoy whittling away the lazy afternoons in the angler lakes, or if your’e a sporty kind of person who wants to get their blood pumping after a long day cooped up at the desk, there is plenty of trails you can bike down. Even if you’re just a nature lover looking for a respite from the concrete walls of the city, then Engler Park can definitely be your haven of peace and serenity that you’re looking for.

With the recent addition of the disc golf court, you will surely find that Engler Park holds different kinds of byways for fun and enjoyment for you and your whole family. If you ever find yourself passing by Missouri, or if you’re a resident yourself, then check out Engler Park and its pickings of good-old wholesome fun. You will definitely find that taking a break from the hubbub of our fast-paced and busy world is something that everyone needs.

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