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Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary

The Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary, established by Joe Scott, Sr. in 2004, is located near Farmington, Missouri. The 55-acre property boasts comfortable lodging, elegant dining, a facility for privately staged events, and a sanctuary for the beautiful big cats.

All the cats have been rescued from undesirable, as well as, threatening circumstances. These exotic animals have not only found a permanent home, they have found a loving staff that sees to all their needs. These cats live, play, roam, and interact with each other in a very safe, natural environment. The animals are kept in spacious enclosures that provide swimming pools, foliage, natural scenery of platforms, and lots of room to pounce, lounge, play, and rummage for hidden food, treats, and toys.

The sanctuary has established an Adopt-A-Cat Program where a small donation will help maintain a healthy and happy cat. Not only will it help defray the costs of food and veterinary bills, but also it allows for enriching items for the animals. There are five cats living at the sanctuary. They include:

Thor and Gracie

Thor and Gracie are ten-year-old Bengal tigers who share a special bond. Besides being sisters, Gracie was born with inverted eyelids that caused about 95% blindness. The place they were rescued from only fed them one turkey leg per day to share. Even though this was not adequate for two full-grown tigers, Thor would give most of the food to her blind sister.


Being the oldest tiger at Crown Ridge, 20-year-old Raja is very poised and majestic. When in captivity, these types of Bengal tigers generally have a 20-25 year lifespan. She is usually found relaxing on her platform overseeing her daughters, Thor and Gracie.


This Siberian tiger was rescued from a carnival where she was being exploited as a “photo cat.” At three-months, Izzy was deemed too big and dangerous to keep at the carnival. Fortunately, Crown Ridge rescued Izzy before the carnival could carry out their plan to euthanize him. Five-year-old Izzy is thriving at the sanctuary. He is now a big part of the family.


Alexis was rescued at nine-months old. The lion was kept in a very tiny, indoor enclosure. Not only had she never felt the ground, she had never seen another lion. Despite having a vitamin deficiency from malnourishment and suffering undesirable conditions, six-year-old Alexis has flourished into a magnificent, as well as, tough lion. This diva of the pack likes things done her way.


Mohan, father of Thor and Gracie, has recently passed away at the age of 20. This beautiful white Bengal tiger succumbed to kidney failure, as well as, severe arthritis. All who loved him, particularly the Crown Ridge staff, will sorely miss Mohan.

Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary offers to students and teachers specialized education programs specific to their respective age group. Topics include discussions on the importance of wildlife preservation and habitat conservation. Information emphasizing the endangerment these exotic cats encounter in the wild and in captivity is given to students who want to get involved with their preservation.

A new building is being constructed at the Crown Ridge to accommodate larger groups. The sanctuary is encouraging folks to celebrate their special events, corporate gatherings, special birthdays and anniversaries, or any other occasion with these exotic cats.

Explore this peaceful sanctuary and discover the natural wonders.